We shoot using a DJI S1000 octocopter with a highly modified gimbal that allows us to carry a cinema quality 4K camera.  In order to provide value to customers in certain situations, we just purchased a new extremely compact drone that allows us to perform photography shoots at a much lower price point than we have been able to do before.  It is a modified Mavic Pro which provides high quality photos for any application.

$199 - Photo shoot at one location with our low-cost modified Mavic Pro drone. All post-processing included in cost. At least 6 finished photographs guaranteed.

$149 - Same as above, but requires booking 3 shoots at once.  

$299 - Photo shoot at one location with our octocopter carrying one of the highest quality cameras currently in the air.  

$249 - Same as above, but requires booking 3 shoots at once.

$899 - 2-minute video at one small location with our octocopter.  This includes all post-processing, music licensing, etc... 

$799 - Same as above, but requires booking 3 shoots at once.

Most of our work consists of large projects involving several locations - colleges, golf courses, vineyards, etc...  Please call for a custom price.


We are a two-person team.

Tom has spent several years researching and building multirotor helicopters. He does the flying and, since he built everything he flies, he is able to fix almost any problem that may crop up on a shoot. He has also spent many years practicing the art of video editing. As a musician, he understands that music is an integral part of any video, and focuses intensely on an artistic marriage of sight and sound in final edits.  

April is a professional artist and is able to frame a shot so that beauty is always the first priority. She wears immersive googles showing her what the drone sees, and is able to point the camera wherever she chooses during a shoot.  

Together they have spent many years perfecting the collaborative challenges that aerial videography presents. Using wireless headsets they are able to communicate on the move for any dynamic environment.

Equipment includes a cinema quality 4K camera placed on a brushless gimbal with a state-of-the-art octocopter that has many redundancies built in for safety. We also recently purchased a specially modified Mavic Pro that allows us to quickly take low-cost photo shoots with. We have a perfect safety record and never fly over people, traffic, near airports, or outside line-of-sight. We use Adobe for all of our post-processing. 

We hold a part 107 FAA UAS certification and are compliant with all existing laws.

Although we are happy to hand over raw footage from a shoot, we prefer to handle a project from beginning to end. We take great pride in realizing a creative vision from shooting through editing and offer pricing for these services that rival any competitor.  

Some uses for our craft:


Real Estate Professionals

We can provide shots of most any type of real estate. With the ability to fly in tight places at low or high altitudes, we can get the shots that will make a property stand out from the crowd. A typical shoot will include four photographs, a one-minute video, or a combination package of photographs and video.


We specialize in schools. We understand that marketing is very competitive in this field. Simple, functional videos won't cut it. We offer a creative vision from the beginning of your project to the end that no other aerial company will match at a price they also won't match.


We can provide aerial imagery of any project.  Use the images to help survey a future project, or show the footage to your client to keep them updated of progress.

Golf Courses

We can give an overview of a golf course that will show off your property in a way other aerial companies can't.  Using a creative artistic vision, we will offer a functional and attractive welcome to your club.  

Resorts/Hotels/Tourist Attractions

We can provide promotional videos and photographs from angles that are unattainable without our technology.  We will be glad to work with your public relations staff to put together photos and videos that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Concerts/Weddings/Athletic Events

Although we certainly do event based photography, it can be difficult.  For safety reasons we will not fly directly over people.  As is the case with any outdoor event, weather can be a problem. Unfortunately, we can't fly in the rain or in wind exceeding 20mph. However, we are capable of achieving some great shots at your event that are as unique as you'd like.


There are dozens of other applications as well. We will be glad to work with you wherever your imagination takes you.